Google is one of the world’s biggest ever companies, and has worked it’s way into most people’s day to day lives. It is this familiarity that makes something like a brand update a delicate and highly-considered process. Google couldn’t afford to confuse or upset it’s strong following with a completely new direction, instead evolving the slightly tired ‘serif’ style logo, to a more crisp, modern look.

Google staff designing new brand concepts

Google has many products and areas of its business, so developing a logo that would suit their huge array of solutions was very important. Everything from Maps, MyBusiness, Google+, G-mail and more, all had to fall under one flexible umbrella. The new branding looked at all of those areas and a series of brand elements were created to ensure consistency and brand association, including:

  • Main Google typeface
  • Google ‘G’ symbol for smaller applications
  • Google ‘dots’ for animations

While these elements appear native and simple for majority of the population, the way they seamlessly encompass everything Google has to offer is no mean feat, and very nicely executed. Google had a number of their design teams from around the United States take part in the rebranding process to ensure each and every step was accounted for. A dream job for a logo designer to be part of an identity that is seen and used by millions each day.

Overall this is one of Logomonsta’s favourite brand updates, and one that will stand the test of time as Google continues to grow and expand its services. Bravo!

The full article can be found here and is a fantastic glimpse into the world of a large scale rebrand.