During the design process, it is important to clear the mind of any clutter that will impede the ability to reach a clear concept direction. We take in many influences that help this process, and one of those is the space in which we are surrounded in.

The Logomonsta design studio was carefully considered to be both inspiring, calming and minimalist. Logomonsta believes in clean, timeless design, and our simple space is an extension of that. Polished concrete floors provide a solid base for the industrial, geometric styling. The star of our office is the massive vinyl skin wall that brings the edgy texture of graffiti-brickwork into the space. It’s a great contrast to the otherwise flat white walls. See if you can spot the cheeky monsta peeking in the window!

Why not come in and check out the space for yourself at 604 Mountain Hwy Bayswater, to see where our great brand designs are generated.