A number of years ago websites were a maze of code, fixed sizing and clunky functionality. Along came web-browsable phones and all of a sudden looking at your favourite website meant painstakingly zooming and scrolling to reach your destination. As a solution, you would need to have a purpose built mobile site to cater for mobile users. This proved costly and harder to manage essentially two sites.

Thankfully web design technology has come a long way since then, and with the ever-growing mobile surfing demographic, usability is more important than ever. Enter responsive websites.

What is a responsive website design?
A responsive website is a clever way to structure the web layout into columns that resize and shuffle depending on the screen size. For example if you view a responsive website on your computer a block of content might be a quarter of your screen width, on an iPad it might resize to be half screen width, and on phone become full width. This ensures the content remains on-screen and easy to navigate.

Is a responsive website necessary?
Responsive websites are now industry standard. Google made a change to their algorithms in 2015 that saw non-mobile-friendly websites excluded from appearing in search results for mobile users. If you want your users to get the most out of your website, demand responsive!

Does Logomonsta do responsive websites?
Yes we sure do! Every one of our websites have a responsive framework built in, so no need to worry about losing potential clients if they are viewing on a mobile device. Get in touch with us today to get a quote!