Some things you might want to know

Have some questions for us?

Logomonsta likes to be up-front with no messing around. Browse our FAQ below to put your mind to ease, and of-course if you have any further queries please let us know!

What is the Logomonsta Guarantee?

At Logomonsta we understand that branding yourself is a daunting task, and you might be entering into the process with some apprehension. We believe it should be a fun and exciting process that you should be proud of, so we want to take the stress out of it with the Logomonsta Guarantee. We are so confident you will be happy with us that we are offering a 100% money back guarantee if Logomonsta fails to deliver!

This covers:

  • If the quality of the designs are sub-standard
  • If our service is unacceptable or deemed innappropriate
  • If we can’t reach a final design due to lack of adhering to the brief

This doesn’t cover:

  • If you change your mind about requiring Logomonsta services during the project or after concepts have been developed
  • If the brief constantly changes making it hard to reach a final design
  • If design feedback is not given within 30 days
  • Failure to pay final invoice before release of artwork/high-res files
  • If the design concepts are used/shared without Logomonsta permission
  • If mistakes are found in client-approved printed material
How many design changes do I get?

Most of Logomonsta’s logo and design packs come with 3 initial concepts from which you can refine with 3 groups of changes and revisions. If we are close but not quite there after 3 rounds never fear, we won’t leave you hanging, we’ll nail that design if it’s the last thing we do! If the revision process is taking longer than expected extra costs may be incurred, but you will be notified prior to being charged. This is to cover time and setup costs for the additional revisions.

How can I pay for my designs?

Before commencing work on your concepts, Logomonsta will invoice you the full amount or a deposit (amount depending on your project). Once this amount is paid we can get to work. This covers our consultation and initial concept development costs, and confirms that we can dedicate studio hours. As our services are often intangible we need to ensure our time is covered before commencing. A final invoice will be sent to you on completion of the project if there are any outstanding amounts. Payment methods are direct debit or credit/debit card (Mastercard & Visa) with our in-store Eftpos machine.

There was a mistake in my print?

Before going to print with any design you will receive a digital mockup of the printed product. This is the best time to check all spelling, colours and approve the design. Logomonsta will require your confirmation in writing (email is fine) before proceeding with any printing. While we do our best to double check, Logomonsta assumes no liability if errors are found after the printing process from an approved digital mockup. Make sure you check carefully!

How long is my quote valid for?

At Logomonsta we strive to provide you with the most accurate quotation as possible and all quotations are valid for 30 days from date of sending. After this point the project may require a revised quotation to be prepared if circumstances or details change. We have this measure in place so that all costings are clear and the most up-to-date as possible. No-one likes surprises!

What are the payment terms?

Before beginning a project for all new clients a 25-50% deposit will be required. This covers all initial concept work and locks in your project. If you change your mind before any work is completed on your project you will receive your deposit back. The deposit can be made in-store via Eftpos, cash or online. A tax receipt will be issued for your deposit.

Logomonsta’s payment terms thereafter are 14 days. We will send you a tax invoice upon completion of the project and will require full payment within those terms. If payment is not completed within the 14 days a reminder will be sent and contact made for immediate payment. If you require your final files prior to the 14 day terms then the invoice will need to be completed before handover can be made. Outstanding invoices can incur extra admin charges if not payed within the 14 day terms, but if you have extreme circumstances, then please contact Logomonsta at that time, and arrangements can be made to assist you.

Who owns my designs?

During the concept stages Logomonsta owns all artwork and concepts under the Australian copyright act. You may share the design to gather feedback, but must not distribute or begin using the design publicly unless otherwise instructed. Once all of your designs are approved and invoice has been paid Logomonsta will send through all the relevant artwork files for you to use as you please without restriction. Logomonsta doesn’t hold any copyright or ownership of your designs, and are happy to hand over your artwork/high-resolution files upon final payment.

How do I make updates to my website?

We build most of our sites in WordPress, a platform that gives you a user friendly back-end that you can make your updates and changes yourself. We provide a simple tutorial to show you the basic functions of your site and how to update text, images, menus, make blog posts and more! There are also no ongoing fees or costs, this is a completely FREE* framework with the flexibility to build into your own customised online masterpiece! Contact us today to find out more.

*If Logomonsta have setup your domain name or hosting, these will need to be renewed on an annual basis. If design changes or enhancements are required after the initial build, extra costs will be incurred and you will be quoted prior to commencement. For more information contact Logomonsta.

What support is included and how long does it last?

With every Logomonsta website, we always do our best to ensure everything is spot on at launch. If for any reason you notice a bug or glitch happening in the site then we will fix it straight away for the life of the site, this includes:

  • Functionality issues that were missed
  • Images not displaying correctly
  • Site based emails not sending/receiving
  • Mobile responsive issues

There are limitations to this support though, and this excludes:

  • Any additional content or work that is not strictly stated in the initial quotation
  • If the project was approved to launch and a change of mind is made about various design/layout aspects of the site
  • More than 90 days (3 months) have passed from the completion of the site, and further work is required

For any of the above exclusions you will of-course receive a formal quotation explaining the costs and timeframes.