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Brand Logo

I wanted to modernise the overall look of the logo and break-away from the use of a background colour for a fresh look. Modernising the burgundy to a softer, warmer tone to still carry brand recognition. Yellow has been removed and replaced with a cool contrasting grey.

Catalogue Cover

One of the best ways for a design to stand out is to do less, so with this in mind I wanted to simplify the look of the current catalogue structure, creating a central focus piece, with just a couple of subsequent sale items. This gives a cleaner overall approach and a more modern-lifestyle image.

Website Design

Carrying on from this cleaner style, the website introduces more open white space, less abundance of colours, and a more structured focus on product and product categories. I also want to introduce more personality to the brand by using images of staff and customers to make it feel like a place you’d love to shop, this human element is essential in customer confidence and trust.

Email Campaign

The EDM structure takes on a consistency to the new website design, so that customers instantly recognise the transition from the site they signed up to, and all communications are professionally designed with a high-end feel for optimal engagement and conversions.

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