A great business must have a happy and friendly receptionist to greet customers and run the day-to-day errands. Well at Logomonsta we think we have found the perfect candidate – meet ‘Kanye’. Kanye is our four legged staff member that has the big responsibility of greeting clients on the way in the door, and don’t worry he is a friendly little fellow.

Not too many designs leave the Logomonsta studio without first being approved by Kanye, and his keen sense for design means only the best crop make it to the past the concept stages. While being bit of a slacker, sometimes it takes a couple of treats to keep staff morale high enough for him not to doze off – what a life!

But in all seriousness, Kanye does deliver a warm and entertaining vibe to Logomonsta, and that’s what we are all about! It is important for this culture to reflect in our designs and we can’t wait to see what amazing designs Kanye will approve for you next, so come in and say hi!