When it comes to starting up a business (or running an existing one for that matter), there are hundreds of different elements to have in place. A business owner can get caught up in the more tangible and obvious components including sales, fitout, staff, accounts and clients. But the only part of your business that engages more people than any of those things is your logo!

The science of a great logo design goes deeper than just a pretty picture, it is your audience’s first introduction to your company, and first impressions last. A modern and well designed logo can represent your image in a number of beneficial ways:

  • Grab customer attention and provide increased exposure/retention
  • Portray a trusting and professional business image
  • Give your brand a recognisable and rememberable presence
  • Convey your underlying company mission and personal values
  • Provide the basis for a more structured and consistent approach to branding

Whether you are just starting out, or your logo design is looking tired, taking a fresh look at your branding will go a long way to helping your business succeed.